Top 10 World’s Most Weirdest Laws

There are many weird laws in the world. Here is a list of 10 weirdest.

1. Did you know that in France, it is illegal name a pig the name a pig Napoleon. The best guess is that Napoleon came up with this law due to his hatred towards pigs, or it was his worse insult. George Orwell the author of the book Animal Farm could have languished in jail for a long time for naming one of the character pig as Napoleon

2. In Ohio, you can be jailed for being as drunk as a fish. The genesis of this weird law it is strange for fish seldom take alcohol. Maybe the phrase as drunk as a fish came from this law. The best guess is that there was a drunk named Fish; name fish was confused with the animal fish. It could have been made to signify high levels of inebriation.

3. In the UK, in the bid to give respect and comfort to the pregnant women, there is a law that permits them to legally answer nature’s call anywhere. They cannot get arrested for relieving themselves in restaurants, churches and in many other sensitive places such as food or even a cup!

4. In Vermont, women with missing teeth must seek written permission from their husbands to acquire false teeth. If the husband refuses, the woman remains toothless forever; what an ideal way for husbands to get even with their erratic wive!

5. In England, unknown to many, there is a requirement for all males above 14 years to have a compulsory a 2 hour longbow practice very day. Imagine how many productive hours would be wasted, and would all men carry longbows with them in case they will not be at home during the practicing time, if the law was keenly enforced.

6. In Texas USA, you are legally required to notify the police that you will commit a crime in the next 24 hours. What fool would do this since the police would arrest you for planning to commit a crime even before it’s committed. Only jokers and idiots would do this, one aspect of crime is that it should a surprise to the victim which will be curtailed by advanced reporting.

7. In Baltimore, Maryland, it is illegal to take a lion to the cinema. This absurd for how would one take a lion to a movie theater and what would be the purpose.

8 In California, it’s forbidden by the law for a car to exceed the speed limit of 60 miles per hour without a driver. May be it was meant for cars being towed since a car without a driver seldom moves, and if it does, and who would be jailed or fined

9 In England, it is forbidden to die within the precincts of parliament. You may wonder who would be punished, or are you supposed to run out of the area if you sensed you are about to die.

10 In Victoria, Australia, it is illegal to fix a light bulb in your own house. You must hire a licensed electrician lest you get arrested. This could have come due to accidents but who cannot safely replace a burnt bulb.


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