Top 8 Reason Why Tablets Will Replace Notebook….

Tablets is here to stay in the market for a longer period of time and will give tough competition to Notebook and Laptops.Here I will mention some important reason why will tablets replace Notebooks in coming future:

  1. Tablets are lighter than Notebooks.
  2. Tablets have better battery life than Notebook.
  3. Tablets open instantly when switched on whereas Notebook takes little bit longer time.
  4. Viruses: Android? Ipad? Viruses anyone! I think not that it will never happen but it’s pretty safe bet the tablets will never suffer from the same deluge of viruses that plagues a windows Laptop.
  5. Power Consumption: On an average Tablets can get a full day out in a single charge whereas a Notebook is not even close to it.
  6. Tablets have wireless 3G capabilities.
  7. Portability: Tablets are easy to carry around than Notebook.
  8. Cost Effectiveness: In India low cost Tablets are available around 2,500 INR and the minimum cost of a Notebook is around 20,000 INR. So there is huge difference in cost also.

If you have any other factors please do share with me and we will make the blog even better for everybody.


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