Ultrasurf 9.5 – 6 Facts About Ultrasurf 9.5

Being blocked from looking at websites can limit what you can find on the Internet. This can also stop you from talking to friends and family and keep you in the dark. When governments tell you it’s for national security or preserving the peace, do they really mean it? Get around those blocks and use the Internet like you were supposed to with Ultrasurf 9.5. How can Ultrasurf help you?

1. Privacy – Ultrasurf will hide your location from people trying to track you. It can also stop your computer from knowing what websites you visited.

2. Secure – This program uses tools in order to keep you and your information safe. Special methods are used to make your personal information harder to find. You don’t have to worry about someone knowing what you’re doing.

3. No Install – To use Ultrasurf, you only need to run the program. It doesn’t install like other programs and doesn’t leave a trace on your computer. When you are done, just delete the program from your computer. One suggestion is to run the program from a USB flash drive. This lets you run the program without worrying about deleting it. Just unplug the USB drive and no one would know you used it.

4. Not a Virus – Some anti-virus programs may see Ultrasurf as a virus. The way Ultrasurf is made makes it look like it is bad, even though it’s not. It may use some of the same kind of code in order to do it’s job, but it’s very safe.

5. Free – Ultrasurf is free to use made by people who believe in freedom of speech and knowledge. You can download the Ultrasurf 9.5 program by clicking here.

6. PC Users – This program was designed for Internet Explorer users on Windows computers. A free Firefox plug-in can be downloaded by clicking here.

Don’t let someone take away your freedom to speak out or learn the truth. Get around those who would try to keep you or your friends silent. Ultrasurf 9.5 can put freedom back into your hands to explore the Internet without being stopped at every corner.

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