Ultrasurf For Facebook – Now Use Facebook Anywhere

Millions of people all over the world is using Ultrasurf and are satisfied with the awesome tool provided by the Ultrasurf team. Now students can use Facebook in their schools and colleges with the help of Ultrasurf, they can now open social media sites like Facebook which were usually blocked in schools, colleges and offices.

You can use Facebook, Orkut any other social media sites with freedom and no tension for being caught. Enjoy Ultrasurf while browsing Facebook. It’s the ultimate proxy tool available in the market with awesome features.

Advantages of Using Ultrasurf:

  1. Hide your real IP.
  2. Visit blocked websites.
  3. Encrypt your communication in public internet connections.
  4. 100% free to use program.                                                                                                

Why Use Ultrasurf ?                                                

1. Circumvent internet censorship                                                                                           
2. Encrypt online communications
3. Hide your IP from websites visited
4. No installation required
5. Fast page loads
6. Easy to use

Ultra Surf is the best proxy software to bypass and open all the blocked sites like Facebook, Twitter & all social media sites. What makes this soft special is that it doesn’t allow explicit sites, it doesn’t require any install. Simply download unzip and run. Ultrasurf is compatible with Windows, and runs on Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s) about Ultrasurf:

1. After using UltraSurf, are there any web history records on my computer?

A: No. After you quit the program, UltraSurf will clean all web history.

2. Is UltraSurf a Trojan or virus?

A: Neither. UltraSurf provides users with state-of-the-art internet technology to break through firewall safely. It is a popular anti-censorship software, not a Trojan or virus. Some anti-virus software companies classify UltraSurf as a Trojan software simply because UltraSurf is able to break through firewalls. It is a mistake and a wrong classification. We are in the process of resolving this issue with these anti-virus companies through technique channels and legal channels. It is our mission to protect users’ privacy when browsing the internet. Please rest assured that UltraSurf will not touch any of the documents on your PC.

3. What should I do if  UltraSurf cannot connect to internet?

A: Please follow the steps below:
1) Check if you can connect to internet directly.
2) If your internet is OK, please shutdown your firewall, anti-virus Software. Restart the UltraSurf.
3) If you still cannot connect to internet, it is probably because our servers are too busy. Please try it again later. If you have this problem very often, please send us your detailed platform and network environment information.

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The main facebook page loads. But when i log in it comes up with Blocked Page..


I have installed it correctly, all other sites work fine.


Ultrasurf doesn't work for facebook for me (running through school laptop). Also flash games like Realm of the Mad God don't run. Please help me, I am wondering how to get these sites working properly. cheers


Dear Monica, One more thing you can do use http://ninjacloak.com/ and try to open facebook, if it works please do give your feedback


Dear Monica, Please install it properly and it will surely work anywhere :)