Unique Indoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

You are unique, and so is your style. If typical Christmas decorations don’t express that style, deck your halls in a way that is uniquely you. Look around your home, and even your wardrobe, for inspiration. Whether you prefer muted shades or animal prints, you can incorporate your style into your Christmas décor. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Wood Cut outs

If you really love Christmas, spell out your feelings for all to see. Cut sturdy cardboard into letter shapes or purchase wooden letters at a craft store. JOY or NOEL work well, but if you’re feeling especially ambitious, you could go with HO HO HO. Decorate them to suit your style. Paint them any color or glue sequins or gems to them for a current, sparkly look. Place them on a mantel or shelf or add hooks if you would prefer to hang them.

Ribbons and Garland

You can deck the halls, but you can also deck an entire room. Fill the room with Christmas spirit by attaching evergreen garland along a chair rail or along the top of the wall just below the ceiling all the way around the room. Let your style guide you from there. If you lean towards simple and classic, just wind a red ribbon through it. If you prefer to go all out, start with the ribbon, continue with Christmas lights and finish the project with your favorite ornaments.

Christmas Trees

If your Christmas tree is your favorite decoration, why stop with one? Put one in each public area of your home. Determine size by available space. If space is limited in the kitchen, a miniature tree in your eating area might be the perfect Christmas addition. If decorating all these trees is daunting, consider themes. A sports fan could decorate one of the trees with team-related items or children could adorn a tree with items of special significance to your family.

Beach Decor

Can’t wait for your family’s next beach vacation? Bring the beach to your home in a special way for Christmas. Fill a large crystal vase with shells and tie a red bow around it. Attach red ribbon to starfish or sand dollars to make a beach-inspired garland. These touches will remind you of fun, special times. Next year, when you go to the beach, collect a new batch of shells to incorporate into future decorations.

Your Christmas décor should reflect your style, which is unique to you. Happy decorating!

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Lyndsi Decker is a freelance writer. Currently she is promoting Calgary Holiday Decorating. She enjoys interior design and blogging about interior design.

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