Using Cloud Storage In Your Business

If you are an Internet marketer like me and you need to share files to your employees or just simply need to keep them on another computer so that they are safe and sound then using cloud storage may be for you.

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is multiple computers that are split so that many users can upload and store their files. For example there may be 25 users that are using the same server within the data centre, these users cannot access your data, just their own.

Cloud storage is also used with the iPhone and iPad to keep your phonebook, pictures and other data safe! Let me show you one of these data centres that are used for cloud storage…

Cloud Storage

  Each one of these rackmount servers are apart of the cloud, put all of these together in the huge data centre and you have one astronomically powerful storage facility on your hands.

Sharing Your Data

It is possible to share your data with employees as well, these storage facilities usually allow two separate logins, at times though this is not enough so I will let you in one a little secret that I use!

What I do is use Google Drive to store all of my documents for clients and employees, I then backup this at least twice a day when edits and audits have been done to the files. This is so I am the only one who can access the backup files while the files stored on Google Drive are the actual ones being edited, keeping my backups nice and safe!

The good thing about using Google Drive too is that you can also use it on your mobile device and also there is an app that you can download and keep on your desktop, it is a drag and drop feature! This means you can drag documents right from your desktop and drop them into the Drive folder, this will upload them to Google at rapid speeds and they will be available for your employees or clients!

The Costs

Well the costs of cloud storage are absolutely tiny compared to what they actually offer, let’s face it.. as long as important data is kept safe and sound what are costs at the end of the day? Can you put a price on that kind of data?

Cloud Storage Business Anywho, the prices for a 5 GB storage are around $30 per month! This is very small if you require more space for your business or personal use then you can go all the way up to the 100 GB enterprise option, but for this you will need to contact the companies for a quote, I can’t imagine it will be cheap.

The best thing to do if you require more space would be to shop around and get loads of quotes, some companies will actually budge on prices and meet you on a decent price.

Author : My name is Emily, I have been using cloud services and Google drive for many years. I found it a headache backing up onto DVD’s and it was not cost effective so I turned to to cloud up and get my files backed up on a safe and secure server.

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