What Kind of Laptop Do You Need for College?

When preparing to head off to college, students will need to research options for the best laptop to meet both personal, educational, and entertainment needs. Carefully consider price, speed, hard drive, RAM size, and features, as well as battery life. If you plan on doing a lot of design work, you will want to consider a Macintosh model. On the other hand, if you just need basic features like Internet, email, and a word processor, then many PCs will do the job. Think about choosing one of the lighter models to ease in transporting the model to your daily classes or the library as needed. Buy all software you will need up front as a package with your computer in order to avoid complications from omissions in the future.

Battery considerations:
When selecting a computer model, a laptop battery with longevity and reliability should be one of your top priorities. Quality choices like a Toshiba laptop battery or a Dell laptop battery offer advantages of notifying users when to supply power to permit charging and when the battery is full, so that the power flow stops, preventing unnecessary electricity consumption. In addition, name-brand batteries have certain standards in quality, usability, and durability. The batteries will always last as long as they say they are intended to and may last twice as long as certain generic batteries. They are designed to charge up quickly and hold their charge for a reasonable time period.

Apple laptops are hands-down the easiest models to use, as well as the most reliable. Cost will be higher than a PC, but models can be purchased used. Powerbooks offer both wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. Most laptop models offer ample hard drive storage and DVD/CD burners. Macbook Pros are the fastest choice and are also lightweight, have long battery life and bight screens. Macbooks are good investment for students on a budget, allowing for ample music and picture storage for those with an active college life. The Macbook Air is the lightweight model, weighing in at only three pounds for students on the move.

These days, you should be able to find a decent deal on many PC laptops. Dell laptops are popular choices among college students. Quality Dell choices will allow a student to run several programs at once. The Dell Inspiron has the advantage of having two USB ports, as well as optical drive, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability. It comes with an Intel HD graphics card as well and a decent sized monitor.
Storage and gaming abilities of the HP models paired with affordable pricing and slim design make them an appealing choice for students as well. HP Pavillion models offer large storage capacity and multimedia abilities. This line is also available in thin format for those with limited carrying space. There are a range of choices to meet almost any specification.
Those interested in a Toshiba laptop will be pleased to know that a recent model offers four USB ports, as well as exceedingly high levels of RAM and memory. Blu-ray is included in the optical drive as well.
It also has a large monitor and Wi-Fi capability. Capability exists to install a number of educational programs if necessary for those involved in multimedia courses and the like.


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