What Not to Do After a Car Accident?

What Not to Do After a Car AccidentLast year I had to pay a pretty steep stupid tax, and like basically all stupid taxes it could have easily been avoided. I made three little mistakes, besides the actual accident. The accident wasn’t my fault. I know, I know, everyone says this, but I know it wasn’t my fault this time. I have been in an accident that was my fault, but this time was different, even though I had to pay half of the damage.

It happened in the parking lot of my apartment. When I was coming home I parked, but before I could get into the stall, a car came zooming out of the next stall. It was my neighbor and ho told me he was not looking. He had been sitting there for a while and no one had passed. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

1st Mistake

After it happened I felt so bad for him. I was sure that he was a poor student like me and I had been in his situation before. That is when I made the first mistake. I said Sorry. I kept saying sorry since I didn’t know what else to say, but he took this as it being my fault.

2nd Mistake

We got each other’s information and went our ways. This is the second mistake. I should have had the police come immediately. Since he had time to think about it, this may have affected his story. There is more information available if the accident is fresh. Also people remember it better.

3rd Mistake

After the insurance agency told me I was supposed to call the police, with the amount of damage done, we got it going, but when the officer showed up, I didn’t have my information so while I went inside the officer talked to the other guy who hit me. He filled out the report and it turned out that his story was not correct, or not the same as mine. The officer didn’t really ask me as much about it when I came down with the information.

I really pay a lot of stupid taxes, but the good thing about a stupid tax is that each one should only be paid once. PLEASE don’t pay this one. Take the precautions and be sure you have the best chance at fair accident aftermath. Being naive is ok in some ways, but the big problem with trusting everyone, this is that you get taken advantage of.

  • Photo contributed by Jeff Rasansky

Tiffany S. Thatcher is a guest blogger who writes for disabilityinsurancelawyers.com and specializes in law.

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