Why is scheduling important for a blogger?

Being a blogger means you are your own boss. That means you are self-employed and you have no reason to follow the stringent office timings and the hard core work schedule. This is the best part in the life of a blogger. But as they say that every coin has two sides. So is the case with blogging and bloggers. A blogger has to be much disciplined in order to get the best out of his/her blogging career. Although you are not working under somebody but you are still occupied and working for the end means is not an easy task. A schedule is the best solution to the freelancing career of a blogger.

If you work for somebody else then your boss will decide the guidelines and your work profile. But here, as you are your own boss, you have to decide what you will do and when. The division of time is not that important as the preparation of a schedule is. As I have stated earlier, it is not an easy task to work for the end means. Hence, you just can’t earn a lot of money by working a few hours a day. You must be very regular in your work and you really need to work the whole day. Many people fail in their blogging career as they take it easy and leave the discipline out of their blogging strategies.

Remember-blogging is just not about writing. You need a long list of items to consider before and after writing a blog. To start with, you have to decide on the topic (in fact, research about it) and write a high quality article on it. As soon as the article is ready with you, you must finalise a great place to post it on the net. You have to decide and research about the advertising and link building. I mean to say you just can’t write something and sit happily at home. You must find some way to market what you write. Right!

Then, how is this possible without a schedule? You just can’t write for one month and post for another month. You must divide your time among the various responsibilities you have. Marketing strategies need an ample amount of time, if you want to excel in your field. You have to follow many link building strategies. Emailing to the guest post hosts also consumes time. ‘What to do’ and ‘when to do’ really needs to be decided. You must keep writing new articles day after day. This needs a good research on the topic and keywords. Again you need to be well-organized for doing all these different tasks.

This is the era of social networking. You should not forget that. You must maintain your accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Dig etc. to be competent enough. This will eat up your time because you need to reply your fan followings also. What will you do if you work without a schedule? You will mess up everything. That is why a schedule is very important in blogger’s career.

Not only this, you must visit the related website in your niche in order to know what your competitors are doing and what you should change in you to stand firmly. From identifying potential problems to future topics, you have to do all this by your own (unless you own a big company). In fact, if you schedule your time in a proper manner that means you are ready to face any challenge and difficulty in your path of success, as you know what to do when. By fixing time for all your daily activities you ensure that all your work is done every day and there is nothing left for tomorrow. You can sleep peacefully and plan for a better future. So, be organised and disciplined.

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Sameena is a blogger and writes on affiliate marketing and fitness. You can check her blog at: http://whatisaffiliatemarketing.in/

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