Your Bad Habits Influence Your Sleep Quality

Nowadays, more and more people find it hard to fall and maintain asleep. They still feel tired even after a long sleep. If you have the same problem, it’s time to visit your doctor or physician. He or she will tell you what causes those problems and how to solve them. I had sleep problems before. With the help of my doctor and my friends’ advice, I feel much better now. Here I list the tips that work for me and hope that can help those who have sleep problem.

Regular Bedtime and Wake-time

Do you have an irregular sleep and wake time schedule? If the answer is yes, regulate it before go to visit your doctor. The symptoms I mentioned above often shows up on those who have irregular sleep-wake circle. The irregular bedtime and wake-time make your brain confused about how to adjust your physical status. I used to go to bed after one o’clock and couldn’t fall asleep often. The first advice of my doctor is going to bed before eleven o’clock every night.

No Games Before Bedtime

SleepOne year ago, I liked playing games on my pc for a while before I took a shower and went to bed. I found that my mind was messed up when I was lying on the bed and couldn’t fall asleep as quickly as my wife did. Then my doctor told playing pc games should be avoided before go to bed because it can make your brain excited and stressed. A good sleep requires a relaxing activity. If you have such bad habits like me, you should quit it to keep your brain relaxed and rested. Instead, you can read a book or listen to something like light music.

Create A Good Environment

If possible, create a sleep environment in your bedroom. Although this point isn’t as important as the previous two, it works for me to some extent. Think about what you need to achieve a sound sleep: a comfortable bed, free of noise and light and suitable temperature. Go to eliminate these things that keep your bedroom from being a bedroom. When you remove all distractions, you will find to get a sound sleep isn’t difficult.

Buy A New Mattress

How many years has your mattress served you? If you sleep on a mattress for over 10 years, you should replace it with a new one. Most quality mattresses have an about 10-year lifespan and that means it will lose support and comfort after many year of use. Sleeping on an old mattress may be one of reasons why you can’t fall asleep and have a bad sleep quality. The bed is also an important factor that influences your sleep quality. If your mattress isn’t supportive or comfortable any more, get a new one.

Improving sleep quality is a process of quitting bad habits. I used to have a few bad habits like using iPad on the bed, watching TV, playing games in bedroom, etc. I had heard the rule that the bedroom is only for sleep and sex. But I didn’t follow it until my doctor asked me to do. I moved my PC, iPad and other work & game equipments to other rooms as the doctor suggested. It does help me to have a better sleep quality. I go to bed and fall asleep quickly after that because when I walk into my bedroom, the ready-for-sleep mode of my body turns on.


Wayne Hand is a passionate blogger. He has his own experience in how to improve sleep quality and is running a website that tells people how to buy mattresses online.

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